Pivot Management Group was founded when the COVID-19 pandemic was wreaking havoc on lives all over the globe. A strong need for stability, advancement, and security in careers was evident during this time, and as a result, Pivot Management Group was formed. When COVID-19 caused substantial supply-chain shortages, massive global-layoffs, vaccination mandates (Resulting in the termination of employment for many people), and world-wide shutdowns, Bethany Jeffreys saw a need to support people in their careers more than ever. Jobs are stressful enough as it is, and figuring out how to advance in your current career or in an entirely new direction can add a whole other layer of strain to your life.

Our founder, Bethany Jeffreys, is on a mission to help as many people as possible enjoy a lucrative career yielding not only competitive compensation and benefits, but also a well thought out path targeted towards achieving long-term growth and stability. Within months of graduating undergrad, Bethany was offered a corporate position as a Program “Coordinator,” and within 4 years, Bethany had doubled her salary, gained ownership in a firm, and grown into a Director-level leadership position.

The secret to success was not much of a secret… Hard work! However, the success did not come without its fair share of trials. Bethany’s obstacles included: An employer filing bankruptcy (And unknowingly working for free for 2 weeks), a company partaking in unethical business practices, a corporate-wide layoff, a short-term contract position, and another layoff, post-COVID. Bethany knew others shared similar experiences and decided to found Pivot Management Group to help hard-working professionals grow in their careers in a very competitive marketplace.

Jeffreys came to the realization that her friends and family would rely on her for support and advice within their own careers because she so openly shared her ideas on how to handle an interview, improve a resume, approach a conversation about a raise, or make a business case for more resources. Oftentimes, this advice turned into reality, and Jeffreys desperately wanted to use her gift to help as many people as possible to advance in their careers.

At Pivot Management Group, we genuinely believe in the possibility of success & advancement for every individual we take on as a client. While it’s obvious that one size does not fit all, with the right toolbox of determination, research, practice, and preparation, anyone has the ability to pivot their careers towards a more successful future. If you’re still reading this and you were asking for a sign, this is it! Take the first step towards pivoting your career, today, at Pivot Management Group!