Resume Improvement & Interview Preparation

We group resume improvement and interview preparation together because while we service offer separate pricing structures for each service, we feel that the two go hand in hand. It’s always good to have an extra set of eyes on your resume, especially when we know that recruiters spend an average of only six-seven seconds reviewing resumes (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021). At Pivot Management Group, our resume expertise lies in both content enhancement and aesthetic improvement. Our clients trust us to prepare an actionable plan for finding and acing interviews. From the initial, “elevator pitch,” all the way to salary negotiations, our team is committed to ensuring our clients are prepared, confident, and at ease, going into their interviews.

At Pivot Management Group, we use a research-based process that is customized for each of our clients. We start by gathering data, and end by recommending changes based on your skills, preferences, and personal timeline. Our process is flexible, affordable, and catered toward pivoting your career in the right direction. Want to learn more? Contact us, or view our Pricing, today!