Obtaining a Compensation Increase or Salary Negotiation

Perhaps it’s been months or even years since you last had a compensation increase. Conversations involving asking for a pay increase can be intimidating, belittling, uncomfortable, and even outright scary sometimes. Salary Negotiations upon receiving a job offer can also make or break the company’s perception of you as the best fit; in fact, we have seen companies withdraw their offers entirely due to messy and unsuccessful salary negotiations. That’s where Pivot Management Group can help. We guide our clients through these difficult conversations with the intention of bringing more confidence to the table by means of preparation, research, and an actionable “Pivot Plan.” You’re not alone! We are excited to partner with you and help Pivot your career.

At Pivot Management Group, we use a research-based process that is customized for each of our clients. We start by gathering data, and end by recommending changes based on your skills, preferences, and personal time-line. Our process is flexible, affordable, and catered toward pivoting your career in the right direction. Want to learn more? Contact us, or view our Pricing, today!