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At Pivot Management Group, our promise to you is that we will:

1) Dedicate our time, energy, and resources to your career development

2) Provide you with a Toolbox for Success (It's up to you to use the tools!)

3) Host a judgment-free zone, no matter what the circumstances

4) Ensure complete confidentiality

5) Provide best-in-class customer service

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We believe that a logo is more than just a pretty design. Pivot Management Group crafted a logo with intention by aligning it with who we are and what we do. The lighter blue hook, on the left side, represents your current position, and demonstrates that you can only go "up" from here. The darker blue hook, on the right side, represents the position we want to help you achieve, and demonstrates a complete "turn" in the opposite direction from where you started. The lighter blue star, on the far right, represents our commitment to customer-service- we will always make it right!

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We won't bore you with the immense amount of details that go in to developing and maintaining a reliable and effective service model; however, we will share some of the things we believe makes our service model stand out from the competition. Here's what you can expect when choosing Pivot Management Group:
If we find other people in similar situations, and you're open to connecting, we make sure to set up peer groups to bounce ideas off of each other. 
We aim to make you as comfortable as possible, and your career coach will work diligently to learn more about what makes you special!
We don't stop after we provide you initial resources, we follow up and follow through, even if we find something relevant to your situation months later!
Everything you say and do when working with a Pivot Coach is completely confidential and will not be shared with third parties. 
During these times, it can be very difficult to take time out of your day to drive to an office for a meeting. At The Pivot Company, you can set meetings with us on your dashboard, and everything is virtual (Unless otherwise requested).

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Pivot Management Group exists to energetically, passionately, and effectively provide second-to-none professional consulting services to individuals who are ready to pivot their careers

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The Pivot Management Group Vision is to be trusted and recognized as the premier leader in providing opportunities & resources for career growth and personal development, in an underserved market. 

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P – Professional
I - Innovative 
V - Versatile & Flexible
O - Openminded & Inclusive
T - Trustworthy & Transparent

Matt M.

Bethany is a fantastic, insightful, and servant-hearted career coach. She relies on deep experience and an instinct to “read between the lines” to spotlight strong points, areas of recommendation, and ideas for improvement regarding your resume and career vision. Connect with her and enjoy a valuable, edifying coaching experience! Bethany is a fantastic, insightful, and servant-hearted career coach. She relies on deep experience and an instinct to “read between the lines” to spotlight strong points, areas of recommendation, and ideas for improvement regarding your resume and career vision. Connect with her and enjoy a valuable, edifying coaching experience!

Suzanne M.

Bethany offered a free 30-minute session. It was more than I hoped for. She opened my eyes to seeing more in me than I was seeing and offered practical options and suggestions which I intend to follow. She even followed up afterwards with more ideas! I highly recommend her and hope to work with her more in the future.

Alec V.

Bethany’s spirit is contagious! Her love for people and willingness to help them grow shows. She is passionate about career coaching it’s not just a hobby it’s a lifestyle. Her having a heart for Jesus is definitely a bonus! If you want a good-hearted hard-working individual, who is God loving and God fearing than I would definitely recommend Bethany.

Lora B.

I feel so blessed to have met Bethany and have her support, coaching and help with the review and rewrite of my resume. She really listened to not only my experience but to my heart as well and was able to bring out things I would have never thought to highlight!! I couldn’t be happier with the way she did my resume and walked me through the process. No matter what stage of your search you are in, she can bring such insight and knowledge to the process. I was blown away when I got my resume back with not only the lay out but the wording was fabulous and so professional. I was very proud to get to update websites with the improved version!!

Michael B.

I worked with Bethany as I was in the midst of a frustrating job search. I found myself in an unfamiliar position where I was looking for a management level position in my area of expertise but was meeting nothing but rejection. Bethany met with me during which time she reviewed my background, resume, LinkedIn profile and experience. She was able to help me with some very specific strategies to better focus my search as well as leverage and prioritize my background and experience to better align with my search efforts.

Bethany helped me to refocus how I was conducting my job search, really leverage my network and more fully utilize LinkedIn. With her feedback and guidance, I was able to significantly improve my results and overall outlook. She is really an “old soul” in that she has wisdom beyond her years and is able to provide the insight that I needed to get the results that I was used to. She really knows her business and can create a winning strategy for you from resume services to job search strategy. Finally, Bethany is authentic, available and is guided by her Christian faith in her interactions. I feel as though I have gained a friend and highly recommend meeting with her to see how she can help you.

Alexandra P.

As a transitioning teacher, I have been filling out applications for almost 4 months straight with no signs of progress, so when I saw Bethany doing free career chats, I honestly just wanted someone to tell about my struggles. I didn’t think anything free would be helpful because knowledge isn’t free but I am so glad I was able to chat with her! She really made me look at the job hunting process differently and got me back excited to apply for jobs…because I was ready to give up. She’s so good at what she does and such an amazing person to offer 30 minutes of her time to me for free! ???? Thank you again Bethany! ????

Diego S.

I highly recommend Bethany and the using her services if you are looking for direction in your resume!.. When Bethany and I connected I didn’t think nothing of it until she assisted me with my resume. She complemented me on my resume and said that my resume was well written and it was beautifully laid out! but where she really stood out was when she pointed out a few things I had failed to see and it not only changed the way I looked at resume writing but it gave me an amplified confidence in my resume I hadn’t felt before. I highly recommend using her services if you feel stuck or wondering why you aren’t getting hits or need a little bit of guidance in the direction you want to go!????

Ayanna T.

I highly recommend Bethany’s services and expertise. She delivers honesty, professionalism, and support that gives her clients hope. Her conversation is client focused and centered on giving recommendations whether one acquires her services her not, which reassures delivery with integrity. I look forward to continuing our working relationship around my career path.

Josh I.

Very supportive , extremely down to earth, reasonable. Bethany will ask the questions that actually lead you to realize you might know more about yourself than you think you do, all while making you realize that maybe you have achieved more than you may have even imagined. The most important tool she has to offer is a collaborative effort to find a job for a fellow person, without putting strain or pressure on clients 

Jehan H.

Bethany took her time to get to know me before offering suggestions on my resume. She’s super personable and sincerely wants to help women. Highly recommend!